Car Accident Lawyer

If an accident has just happened, and you are looking for a car accident lawyer, you can count on Law Offices of Gilbert A. Moret for legal advice. We have personal injury attorneys that can answer to your call.

[Cn] is a reputable law firm in Ontario, CA. Since 2006, our clients rely on us when they need our expertise in accident cases. Our personal injury lawyers are proficient in that matter – the law which deals with injury and accidents. Our law firm treats your cases with professionalism and understanding.

When you contact us, we will gather and evaluate all the details concerning your case. If we have enough evidence to help you with legal actions, we will give you the choice whether to pursue the suit or not. Your choice is what matters to us since we are the agents of your lofty cause.

And, if you decide to file a case, we will do it for you. We will prepare your affidavits, pleadings, and other legal papers. We can help you in procuring a sworn statement of your witnesses. We will tell you the procedure and the manner of going through your case. Our car accident lawyer will update you on the progress of your case, and when would be its probable closure.

We can also help you file the proper notices to insurance companies. This happens when you have a claim on accident and third-party liability insurance.

The remedies our car accident lawyer can offer depend on every story of our clients. We deal with them on a case-to-case basis. That is why we recommend that you contact us in Ontario, CA, so we can give you the proper actions to choose from.

We can accommodate your legal needs even after your working hours. You can expect us to open our doors even at a late hour if you make a prior appointment.

With our help, your personal injuries will not go deep. We will not promise you everything, but only our integrity and willingness to help you get what is due to you.

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