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Never Had to Use a Accident Attorney Before, Unsure What to Expect?

What One Can Expect from Their Personal Injury Attorney

An injury attorney is someone that specializes with legal disputes which involve damages and potential negligence. Negligence is, however, quite a broad concept within most legal circles; however, general negligence happens when an individual or company does not perform in a safe way, which in turn, causes a person damage or injury. Negligence, however, is more straightforward; for instance, in the case of a reckless driver, or indirectly, as in a manager not telling their staff to clean up a spill. A personal injury attorney will collate all the facts which surround an injury from their client and then determine the parties who are at fault for negligence.

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serious lawyer in libraryTo better comprehend this kind of attorney does exactly, we will create a small scenario which could result in a lawsuit. For argument’s sake, let’s say Fred is a frequent customer in his local grocery shop, then one day, as he is walking down the aisle in the store, he accidentally trips over a floor tile which is loose, and breaks his leg.

The store manager quickly rings for an ambulance, and Fred is taken to hospital for treatment. He then spends 3 days in traction, and an extra 3 weeks in recovery at his home. Because Fred thinks the store is at fault for his accident, he could speak to a local personal lawyer, in order to see where he stands with a claim.

Fred’s attorney will then visit the accident site and talk about the situation with any potential witnesses, plus viewing any available video footage. They could speak about a cash settlement with the manager, which may satisfy Fred’s medical costs and loss of wages. However, Fred could push for a lawsuit with the court, naming the store and manager, as well as the flooring manufacturer. Because few people or firms want to be involved in a costly court battle, they generally offer a higher cash settlement once an attorney appears on the scene.

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